Preschool Consulting
Preschool Consulting
Turning Potential Into Profit

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About Us

Sadona Business Solutions has been in the child care industry for the last 10 years helping preschools achieve their full potential. We implement minimum change to your business to provide maximum output. When consulting with Sadona Business Solutions your business is receiving the quality and attention it deserves. With over 3 years of consulting experience, both Co-Founders of Sadona Business Solutions have been able to assist over 55 preschools from revenue generation and optimization, cost reduction, staff development, and providing advice to help their business grow. Let us show you how to turn potential into profit.


Our Impact

“Sadona Business Solutions helped me with getting my Infant and Toddler Center up and running. If it wasn’t for them and their advice along the way, I would have been lost. Samantha put together an outstanding curriculum and teacher training!” 



Over $2M generated

Over the last 3 years we have helped schools generate over $2M in revenue and cost reduction. 



clients served

We have been able to assist over 55 preschools in achieving growth for their school and build a bright future.  



years of experience

Co-Founders Samantha and Ruben Garg have over 10 years of experience in operating preschools. 


Our Programs

Each client we serve is unique and different in the needs they have. Sadona Business Solutions aims to provide a solution that is best for the business. 



We review your current client base to ensure you are generating the most income for your business. We also introduce other revenue streams to help grow the business. 



We look for opportunities to reduce costs through vendor selection, negotiation of current vendor contracts, reduce employee employment costs, and other avenues to help you generate more income. 


Our expert staff provides quality training for staff and management that includes curriculum, licensing standards, employment, supervision, and risk management. We tailor each training to what the school demands. 



We have consulted with multiple companies/individuals when it comes to opening a preschool. Our advice has saved clients time and money so they can turn their dreams into a reality. 


October 2017

“I can’t say enough about Sadona Business Solutions! Ruben and Samantha are true experts in the industry. They came into my business and within 3 months I was generating an extra $8500 a month in revenue. They helped me so I could invest in my schools growth.”